Use your vote. Say no to a Hobart Cable Car on kunanyi / Mt Wellington. 

By voting in the 2018 Hobart Council Election this October you can help influence Hobart’s future – including the private development of a Hobart Cable Car on kunanyi / Mt Wellington. It is about your future, so vote for the representative(s) you consider to have Hobart’s interests at heart and care about the future of kunanyi. City of Hobart elections are non-compulsory and are by postal ballot.

How to vote:

Every elector receives their very own postal ballot pack at their enrolled postal address. You then have 3 weeks to complete and post your vote back to the returning officer for your council. The polling period for the 2018 council elections kicks off from the 8th October, with all votes needed to be in before 10am Tuesday 30 October 2018.

The postal ballot pack contains:
  • ballot papers;
  • a booklet containing candidate statements and voting instructions;
  • a ballot paper envelope; and
  • a reply paid envelope for returning your ballot paper envelope which contains your completed ballot paper (voting won’t even cost a stamp)