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Here’s the latest from us and others in the know on the Mt Wellington Cable Car proposal in Hobart.

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City of Hobart’s Legal FAQ

Confused? After CUB said no, the developers drew up a plan to carve a 2.4 km road through threatened vegetation in the foothills of kunanyi. Just like CUB, in August the Hobart City Council also voted no to the use of their land.

Recently, the Council released legal advice relating to the process for lodging a DA.

In response, the Mercury editor dedicated their editorial space to stating that the Councils prohibition on the use of their land no longer stands, the developers have repeated it and their supporters appear to have believed it…

The Hobart City Council website says “Does the legal advice impact on the decision taken by the Council on 20 August 2018 to not allow the MWCC access to its land?”

“No it does not”.

New All Weather Bus Service to the Summit

A new hop-on hop-off bus service was launched this week by the Hobart City Council, with plans to take up to six trips to the kunanyi / Mt Wellington summit per day.

Equipped for snow, ice, cyclists and large numbers of visiting tourists, I guess you could say this removes any need for a big ugly cable car?

Hands Across the Organ Pipes

Respect the Mountain are running a really creative event this Sunday, 7 October, gathering friends of the mountain to join hands across our beloved Organ Pipes. Here’s a rundown on the day from Respect the Mountain: 1:45 pm - Meet and introductions at the site of the...

Mayor Shares Love of the New Organ Pipes Track

While we agree Hobart City Council Mayor Ron Christie has said some wacky stuff over the past six months, we can really get behind the sentiments shared in this recent video. Rather than casting opinions from a distance, Ron went and actually walked the newly...

Vote in the Hobart Council Election

Use your vote. Say no to a Hobart Cable Car on kunanyi / Mt Wellington.  By voting in the 2018 Hobart Council Election this October you can help influence Hobart's future - including the private development of a Hobart Cable Car on kunanyi / Mt Wellington. It is about...

A win for the mountain!

"The Hobart City Council voted to deny the controversial proposal access to council-owned public land." "I feel very pleased that we have a council made up of people who are prepared to speak their mind, and act and protect the bushland, the environment — the things...

Contact Your Councillors!

This is a critical time to act. We need you to help. 

For too long the proposal to build a cable car over the organ pipes has been hanging over the mountain and the community. On the 9th of August, the Hobart City Council Parks Committee voted unanimously to reject the use of public land to facilitate Mr Bold and his shareholders proposal to bulldoze a new road through a threatened vegetation community in the foothills of kunanyi. The proponents request to Council was a mess. It turns out that while the developers said that their planned road followed existing fire trails, it didn’t. This decision mirrors the position taken by Carlton and United Breweries who ruled out the use of their land in May. 

Event: Snap Protest! Saturday August 4

The Mount Wellington Cableway Company is holding a secret meeting with the City of Hobart's Parks and Recreation Committee next week, to discuss the acquisition of land around the McRobies Waste Management Centre (aka the tip) for a Hobart Cable Car on kunyani....

Waste of Time

"The Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) is flying Swiss engineers into Hobart to re-examine potential cable car sites, as mystery surrounds an application made by the company to the Hobart City Council." Community sources have raised suspicions that the MWCC...

Event: Music for the Mountain

Check out the Facebook event page here. Hobart's finest bands come together for one night only to raise much needed funds to help fight the proposed kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car development. Featuring A. Swayze and the Ghosts, The Native Cats, Mike...