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Hobart’s finest bands come together for one night only to raise much needed funds to help fight the proposed kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car development.

Featuring A. Swayze and the GhostsThe Native CatsMike Noga Band, EWAH and the Vision of Paradise, ALL the WeathersLasca Dry and The Stan Show MC Experience.

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Proudly supported by The Wilderness SocietyBob Brown FoundationFriends of the Earth AustraliaRespect the Mountain – No Cable CarYoung Henrys and Ruffcut Records.

From organiser Mike Noga –
Hobart and Tasmania have faced many changes of late. kunanyi / Mt.Wellington represents a constant, and I know I am not alone in feeling that she holds a sacred status. We habitually glance at her slopes, the weather that animates them setting the mood for the coming day.
After 20 years in Melbourne, I’ve returned home to see my old friend being fought over. As if anyone has claim to her gold. As if she’s ours for the taking and there’s big bucks to be hacked out of her.
I’ve put this fundraising concert together not so much as an attack, but as a question mark. Why? And who? Who exactly, will benefit from this development? A select few lining their pockets… or Hobart as a whole? I’d prefer to see people walking in her forests than looking at her through their iPhones from a glass bubble suspended above. But hey, that’s just me.I’d like to thank all the bands for donating their time for free, the Brisbane Hotel and all of its staff, all of our supporting organisations. And to Tom O’Hern for his superb artwork.
Proceeds will be donated to ROCC (Residents Opposed to the Cable Car) to help fund legal costs should the issue go to court. Any left over funds will go directly to the Enviromental Defenders Office.
Buy a ticket. Have a dance. Then wake up, look up, and smile at your old buddy.

Mike Noga