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From Respect The Mountain:

This is a critical time to act. We need you to help.


For too long the proposal to build a cable car over the organ pipes has been hanging over the mountain and the community. On the 9th of August, the Hobart City Council Parks Committee voted unanimously to reject the use of public land to facilitate Mr Bold and his shareholders proposal to bulldoze a new road through a threatened vegetation community in the foothills of kunanyi. The proponents request to Council was a mess. It turns out that while the developers said that their planned road followed existing fire trails, it didn’t. This decision mirrors the position taken by Carlton and United Breweries who ruled out the use of their land in May. 


This fight is not over. On the 20th of August, the full Council will vote on the motion. All of the Councillors need to hear from the community that the motion is the right position. Please contact all alderman with a simple message of support. We have suggested some text below but feel free to add your own thoughts and feelings.


“We support the decision made by your Council’s Parks Committee and hope that you will endorse their decision. Carlton and United Breweries reached the same decision recently after consulting with the community for more than 3 years. Please support the motion” 


Anna Reynolds – ald.reynolds@hobartcity.com.au
Jeff Briscoe – ald.briscoe@hobartcity.com.au
Dr Eva Ruzicka – ald.ruzicka@hobartcity.com.au
Helen Burnet – ald.burnet@hobartcity.com.au 
Bill Harvey – ald.harvey@hobartcity.com.au
Philip Cocker – ald.cocker@hobartcity.com.au
Peter Sexton – ald.sexton@hobartcity.com.au
Ron Christie – lord.mayor@hobartcity.com.au
Damon Thomas – ald.thomas@hobartcity.com.au
Tanya Denison – ald.denison@hobartcity.com.au