From our friends at Respect The Mountain:

Confused? After CUB said no, the developers drew up a plan to carve a 2.4 km road through threatened vegetation in the foothills of kunanyi. Just like CUB, in August the Hobart City Council also voted no to the use of their land.

Recently, the Council released legal advice relating to the process for lodging a DA.

In response, the Mercury editor dedicated their editorial space to stating that the Councils prohibition on the use of their land no longer stands, the developers have repeated it and their supporters appear to have believed it…

The Hobart City Council website says “Does the legal advice impact on the decision taken by the Council on 20 August 2018 to not allow the MWCC access to its land?”

“No it does not”.

Here is an explanation.

Photo: Brodie Emery